hello and welcome,

Thanks for visiting. We would love to hear from you! Please email us with any questions or comments. 





125 Cauchon St
Winnipeg, MB, R3L 1X1


What is a collaborative?

Its a group a people doing stuff by way of collaboration! That's right, we work together as a group to move forward with a new line of products for you seasonally. 


Where are your products made?

Everything is both designed and made by us, right here in Winnipeg. 


Are you welcoming new people to join the collective?

Always! If you are a Manitoba based maker who walks the line between art, design and craft with a simplistic and modern aesthetic (especially if you are working in a medium we do not currently house) your work might be a good fit, get in touch! 


Do all the items change seasonally? If I liked something and its sold out am I SOL?

Quite possibly... the items we make seasonally are done in small batches and when they're gone, they're gone. That's the beauty of it, we get to surprise you with a whole new set of goods next season! Our model supports the creative desire for a new challenge (we get to stay fresh and interested in what we're making!). There are however certain products we love so much that will stay in constant production. Contact us if you have any further questions or inquiries.


Do you have store hours? 

No, for now our shop is in my home. You are more than welcome to shoot me an email and set up a time to come by. 

email: karen@rootcellar.biz


Do you provide a warranty on your products?

Absolutely! We stand by our product 100% and as long as it is cared for properly according to the care instructions provided. If you have questions or concerns email us.


Do you have any stockists in Winnipeg? 

Coming soon...


Do you do wholesale?

We do wholesale on specific products, please email us and we would happily send you our wholesale catalogue. 


Do you do custom work/ or unique pieces for restaurants?

Not usually on a small scale... we do seasonal work that is inspired by conversations with each other, hoping that what we put into the world is our best. If you have found something online that you would like us to make, its probably best to just support that artist. We love and welcome any collaborations with other artists, chefs and/ or restaurant owners to make one of a kind concept pieces.


Who does your photography?

The amazingly talented Janine Kropla. You can find her work at: http://www.janinekropla.com/