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Shipping & Product Care


We ship worldwide and all prices online are in Canadian dollars

All shipping costs are in addition to the price of the purchased goods. Items over $100 include shipping insurance within the shipping cost.

Once an order is placed all sales are final.

Duties, brokerage fees and taxes are dependent on the country you are importing into and are not the responsibility of Root Cellar.

Any additional questions feel free to email karen@rootcellar.biz


Product Care

Here at Root Cellar we believe in buying less, choosing well and taking care of what we have. We are proud to produce items that will last a lifetime, however these items do require care and maintenance to guarantee longevity.


Wood items

Never soak your wood products

Do not use in the microwave or dishwasher

Use a finish that is food safe if you’re going to eat off it

Last but definitely not least, keep it well oiled, waxed or Root Cellar wood buttered. All purchases over $50 will come with a small batch of Root Cellar wood butter.


For longevity hand wash and do not microwave.

Oven safe.